Availability of pharmaceutical care in our continuously changing environment

Pharmacists` Society of Latvia (LFB) is delighted to invite Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian pharmacists to meet in Latvia, Riga for the 23rd time in BaltPharm Forum2020!

Theme: “Availability of pharmaceutical care in our continuously changing environment”. 

The event will take place on 24-26 April, 2020, Riga, Latvia


At present there are intensive discussions in Latvia how to balance pharmaceutical care and access to medicines, pharmacies and finances. The pharmacist must be able to comply with the requirements for the distribution of medicinal products, business interests and at the same time provide qualitative consultation behind the pharmacy counter. We would like to share the experience what level pharmaceutical care pharmacist is currently able to provide, and what is most important for the patient. It is important to highlight the role of pharmacist in health care system in the middle of high tension in the socio-economic environment as well as finding a solution for payment possibilities of pharmaceutical care.

We think we all are interested in the question of ownership of pharmacies in Estonia – will this resolve for the benefit of the pharmacist? In Latvia, pharmaceutical policy makers are guided by the achievements of Lithuania and Estonia, discussing drug prices and the transparent situation in availability of medicines.

What kind of pharmaceutical care is required for society? Who has to pay for pharmaceutical care? What is and supposed to be the role of the government to regulate the pharmaceutical sector in Baltic States and what are the pharmacists’ expectations and desires? 

24 April, Friday, we will gather at the National Conference, which will be held in Latvian, but 25 April, Saturday is the day of the main Forum, where the working language is English.

Application to the Forum is scheduled for 1 April!


The Forums venue is very special this year! Glad we can take everybody in such great, comfortable and nature-friendly place.

Place of the main event: Latvian University Science House Riga, Jelgava Street 3.

Welcome and closing events: Bellevue Park Hotel Riga, Slokas Street 1. 

The programme of the event will be available soon!

Latvijas Universitāte Bellevue

For students

The Forum conference will include viewing and evaluating student stand reports. Students are invited to send information on their work, which would include the title, thesis and conclusions of the job up to 10.04 to lfb@farmaceitubiedriba.lv .

Stand dimensions: portrait-oriented A1 page (594 x 841 mm/23.4 x 33.1”).


More details will follow students yet!


All questions of interest can be asked at the LFB office: 


Estonian delegation can send their applications here:

Lithuanian delegation can send their applications here:


A more accurate program of the measure will follow!



Time line

  • 1998, Vilnius, Lithuania – first meeting1999, Bīriņu castle, Latvia – pharmaceutical legislation in Baltic countries, postgraduate education
  • 2000, Haadeneeste, Estonia – EU requirements for education programs in Baltic countries, accession to the European Pharmacopoeia Convention, computerization of pharmaceutical sector
  • 2001, Biržai, Lithuania – 
  • 2002, Šlokenbekas castle, Latvia – pharmacovigilance and availability of medicines
  • 2003, Sangaste castle, Estonia – unity of pharmacists non-governmental organizations in strengthening professional activities of pharmacists and following ethical principles
  • 2004, Verkiai castle, Lithuania – pharmacist’s and pharmacist’s assistants cooperation in pharmacies, legislation affecting pharmaceutical activity in the Baltic States
  • 2005, Dikļu castle, Latvia – pharmaceutical care – education and practice in Baltic states
  • 2006, Cantervilla castle, Estonia – Modern IT solutions in healthcare. Trends in Clinical Pharmacy in Inpatient Treatment
  • 2007, Kaunas, Lithuania – 
  • 2008, Minhauzena manor, Latvia – future of individual pharmacies, pharmaceutical care in pharmacy, oncological pharmacist, pharmacy activity and pharmaceutical inspection
  • 2009, Otepaa, Estonia – development of info technology in health care (E-prescription, etc.), patient rights in the field of health services in other countries (recognition of other national prescriptions, etc.)
  • 2010, Suderve, Lithuania – 
  • 2011, Ventspils, Latvia – continuing education – key factor of professionalism of pharmaceutical specialists
  • 2012, Otepaa, Estonia - digital prescription and/or other solutions in the pharmaceutical field, availability of medicines
  • 2013, Palanga, Lithuania - role of pharmacists assistants, availability of medicines on the Internet
  • 2014, Rēzekne, Latvia – standards and quality of pharmaceutical care
  • 2015, Parnu, Estonia – work of pharmacies today and tomorrow
  • 2016, Klaipeda, Lithuania – complementary and self-care health products: competency and responsibility of pharmacists
  • 2017, Jūrmala, Latvia – cooperation between pharmacists and doctors: basis for effective treatment
  • 2018, Tartu, Estonia – 21st century pharmacy
  • 2019, Kaunas, Lithuania – pharmacists – experts on medicinal products, role of pharmacists in health care system



The pharmacists are limited in how much and how qualitative pharmaceutical care they can deliver on a daily basis. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical care has become a tool of technical detail, medicine safety and financial calculation. 

The future is only in our own hands! How we treat ourselves will give us an environment that we deserve. How we are aware of our profession will carry out our mission, let us not expose ourselves to pressure, and create a healthy and sustainable society. It is in our power to change the rules, to establish our arrangements and to be extremely flexible in todays changing world. We just need to get together and be louder than ever. Looking at the future, we must all look in the same direction!

Feel free to give us your opinion about Forum this year!

You can share with us your thoughts and ideas about pharmacy industry today!


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