The Strategic Goals and Tasks of
Pharmacists’ Society of Latvia

1. The goal of Parmacists Society of Latvia (PSL) is to advocate for professional, economical and legal rights of Pharmacists and Pharmacist assistants in Latvia, to improve qualifications of Pharmacists and Pharmacist assistants and to promote public health in Latvia.

2. In order to achieve the previously mentioned objective, PSL sets the following tasks:

  • uniting Pharmacists and Pharmacist assitants of Latvia
  • ensuring the advocacy of professional, economical and legal rights of Pharmacists and Pharmacist assistants in Latvia
  • managing Pharmacists’ certification of professional qualification as mentioned in the regulations
  • construction and maintenance of the register of Pharmacists and Pharmacist assistants of Latvia as mentioned in the regulation
  • managing and contributing to the improvement of professional knowledge of Pharmacists and Pharmacist assistants
  • managing conformity assessment of Pharmacists and Pharmacist assistants who have graduated outside the Republic of Latvia
  • developing, implementing, promoting and enforcing standards, quality criteria and consultation guidelines for Pharmaceutical care
  • assessing Pharmaceutical care related questions and taking part in such assessments after the request of the court or other institutions
  • promoting and controling compliance for professional ethics of Pharmacists, ensurement of respect for Pharmacists’ code of professional ethics in Latvia
  • raising awareness among the public and national authorities about pharmaceutical care as an important part of public health care and the role of Pharmacist and Pharmacist assistant in its ensurement
  • promoting the prestige of Pharmacists and Pharmacist assistants in society, defending their dignity and professional independence
  • supporting and organizing events related to promotion of public health
  • cooperating with governmental and non-governmental organizations to achieve the set goals and tasks
  • promoting the development of pharmaceutical education system and its content
  • development of recommendations to improve scientific and practical pharmaceutical ativity
  • ensuring the issuing of periodical professional journals

3. PSL supports and collaborates with other organisations, mass media, natural and private persons to advance in the set goals of the Society.

4. To reach its objectives, PSL has the right to take public action that is not in contradiction with existing legislation. For this purpose the Society has the rights to:

  • spread information about its activities freely
  • create its own press and other mass media
  • organise rallies, demonstrations and meetings in public places in conformity with the Law
  • stay in contact and liaise with non-governmental organisations of other countries and their associations
  • take other public action

5. Parmacists Society of Latvia has the right to acquire immovable and movable property, cary out economic activities, establish companies, other non-governmental organisations and foundations in order to achieve its goals.

6. Parmacists Society of Latvia may grant scholarships or paid missions.


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